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The world we live in changes day after day. The demands put on schools in general and teachers in particular become too heavy and difficult to sustain. Competition between schools make it imperative to be the best performer not only in the traditional village but world-wide. One cannot perform best if the right tools are not used in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Our grand-parents used to tear up the hair trying to memorize things that were important for us today. Making calculations was a time-consuming task. With the invention of the calculator, most people agreed that a great puzzle was solved. But it's with the invention of the computer that it became even far easier to manage our day to day lives.

NEFSYS believes that it's illogical to continue using just pen and paper to keep school and students records in this digital millenium. To continue this culture of great inventions, COSYSM was born out of pure imagination around 1997.


With COSYSM, managing your school and related records becomes a breeze. It Helps you concentrate on what is best for your kids and country: KNOWLEDGE DELIVERY.

It's ease of use and near-zero learning curve make it the most affordable tool of its kind. No special knoweldge is required to use it (especially for teachers entering student marks). It is naturally straight-forward. We also have video tutorials that help in case one needs some advanced features. Our user-driven forums are a great way of sharing experiences not only with COSYSM but also day to day teaching stories (great or horror).

It includes different modules that help in:

  • Students record keeping
  • School history management
  • Timetable (both automatique and Manual)
  • Students marks calculations and ranking
  • ... Of course, end-of-Term and end-of-year student reports

Users have different configurable access privileges:

  • School headmasters
  • Studies Masters and/or Administrators
  • Class Teachers
  • Regular Teachers
  • Students

Just show me

Please have a look at some screenshots of this application. You can even login using a test account to see what is inside.

Furthermore, if you are interested to taste early what we are currently cooking, visit the site http://beta.cosysm.com: yes, some experimental material may have a bitter taste, you are warned!!!

Our video Tutorials pages will give you task-oriented preview of different features of this application.

Latest news

2009-03-24 14:31:00
COSYSM Mobile interface launched

2009-03-24 14:26:00
New web interface launched

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TIP OF THE DAY :: 2009-Mar-05

Uburyo bworoshye bwo kwandika amanota ni ugukoresha Mobile yawe. Ariko Kandi iyo umaze gushyiramo amanota uhita ukora Bulletin maze byose bikihuta. Kugira ngo ukore ibi ugomba kuba uri Umwarimu cyangwa se Umushingwamasomo .

They said ...

Ku ishuri ryacu abarimu bajyaga bamara iminsi n'iminsi bandika amanota. Kuva Twatangira gukoresha COSYSM, ubu ni ukurebaho bikikora ;)

Kwa heli no kurara amajoro duteranya kuko COSYSM byose ibikora.